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Walter Van Beirendonck

Well this is my second draft of this.  In the one before I was clever and funny.  Then I hit the wrong key and the whole thing erased.

Sadly I do not have the time to be clever and funny again.  But I do want to tell all of my Dandi’s out there about this surreal designer Walter Van Beirendonck.

25 years in the business and he is still out-preforming his contemporaries in stretching the boundaries of fashion to the point of exploding them all together.

Originally a part of the Antwerp-6 (look it up) he has turned the essence of Grace Jones into a menswear collection unlike any other.

The collection is called Sexclown (you heard me).  Don’t be scared away by the name or the innovation.  As a Dandi you should always be looking for signature pieces. Choose wisely here and you will be the talk (in a good way) of your friends and admirers.

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