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Lookbook (3)

B&W Formal

This Lookbook is about all that is gentlemanly, sophisticated, and fabulous in fit, swagger, and style.

Nomo Watches
Nomo Watches

Not everything has to be about what’s on trend.  What I love most about anyone with style is that they stand a cut above the rest.

Dapper Suspenders
Dapper Suspenders

How? It’s not just in what they wear, but how they wear it.

Red, White and Dapper
Red, White, and Elegance
I love this shirt!!!
I love this shirt!!!

Double-Breasted Blues

I'll take two please.
I’ll take two please.

Baby Blue

British Dapper

Fit is Everything


Skinny Bowtie

Hollywood Sophistication
Hollywood Sophistication
Love the texture of this suit, yum!
Love the texture of this tux, yum!
Getting married? Tails all the way!
Getting married? Tails all the way!


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The Watch

Watches define the outfit and the Dandi.  People notice the accessories of a Dandi often before anything else.  Finishing touches are premiere when it comes to being a dapper Dandi and finding the right watch for you will depend on a few things – the formality of your job, the sports and activities you enjoy and your Dandi style when you go out at night.  Not all watches can be all things to all outfits.

The first thing to consider is why you are purchasing the watch – function or form?  Your budget is next, then the fit (and what it will take to get the fit if you have smaller wrists).  I love Casio‘s G-Shock because it’s lightweight, earth friendly (it’s solar and doesn’t need battery replacements) and it’s very versatile. It has a lot of useful functions for the more atheltic Dandi and can serve in the place of a dress watch.  Watches are an important detail in any Dandi’s wardrobe and there are many colors, styles and functions to choose from – water-proof, shock-proof, analog, digital, stainless steel, plastic and the list goes on and on.

Your watch is a statement of your personality and in certain price ranges an investment…remember the days when Dandi’s  would leave their beloved watch to their favorite younger Dandi, it was like being given a stamp of approval.  I believe that tradition should live on, so the next time you are in the market to investment in a watch, think of it in the world for generations to come and the excellence of it having been a part of your sartorial statement.

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